New submarine built by Cornell…

New submarine built by Cornell since last year.


  • Christopher: Note the unique “horn” shaped peg grabber: all it does is roll a little grippy wheel at the bottom to grab or let go of pegs. Only a stepper motor is needed for this instead of hooking into a pneumatic system.

    This sub also has three hooks for grabbing objects to move around. It would go through a cycle of finding an object below it, lowing down over said object, and then doing a fancy rotate+grab to line up the hooks. It tended to miss about half the time but with three hooks that still means 1 or 2 objects are moved at a time.

    There’s two cameras for forward stereo vision but no stereo processing was ready for the competition this year. Sounds like next year’s design will feature only a single forward camera.

  • Gabriel: Everyone keeps trying to do stereo and keep bailing on it. I’m beginning to think it may not even be worth it.

  • Christopher: One team had a Point Grey Bumblebee which comes with two cameras in the same unit and the I think driver takes care of a lot of the processing. Ha ha I’m not sure if they were actually using the depth map but something like that is way easier than DIY.